Mount Auburn Cemetery Birch Gardens

As the most recent addition to this 175-acre National Historic Landmark, Birch Gardens reclaims a narrow underutilized space along the east perimeter of the cemetery.

A 450-linear foot Canadian Mahogany granite wall, spaced with wrought iron panels, replaced a perimeter chain link fence to enclose an area and provide additional burial sites within a park setting. Set within the lush tree and shrub plantings of the new garden, free-standing granite benches were placed to overlook a granite inscription wall and a black granite reflecting pool. The new wrought iron fence was fabricated using a custom-made casting to match the historic, Egyptian revival gates at the entrance to the cemetery.

The project required working closely with designers and horticultural staff to ensure that the newly created gardens flourished in this very visible, public setting. Extensive tree and site protection measures were implemented to ensure that valuable trees were not impacted during construction. Custom blended planting soils were produced on site. Utilities were rerouted and/or rebuilt to accommodate the project and ensure long term reliability of the site infrastructure.

Designer: Halvorson Design Inc.

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