Concord Residence

For this relatively narrow site, the designers took full advantage of its unique position atop a glacial esker to enhance views to the adjacent horse farm and pond.

Due to the narrow shape of the property and proximity of adjacent wetlands, the house and site structures had to be carefully positioned to avoid all setbacks, requiring close coordination with RHLC to ensure the project conformed to Conservation Commission requirements.

Native fieldstone was selected for site walls to fit seamlessly into the surrounding rural landscape. The masons selected and shaped the stone to ensure tight joints for durable walls, while retaining many of the weathered faces of the stones and dry-laid appearance. The driveway and motor court are separated from the entry court by freestanding stone walls.

The long proportion of the site is reinforced with raised perennial garden beds, bluestone terraces, and a pergola. Extensive woodland and birch tree plantings further enhance the rural character of the property.

Designer: Richard Burck Associates, Inc.

Brookline Town Residence