Dedham Mediterranean Residence

A large Mediterranean-style home built in the 1930s commands a stunning site that accommodates a large custom swimming pool, restored fountain, and a trail that leads through a woodland of mature trees to a secluded pond.

The design was kept to a restrained palette and features a large pea stone terrace designed with pockets of planting that soften the hardscape and provide richly textured garden spaces. The terrace is flexible enough for small family dining or to accommodate large parties. Several planters are placed around the terrace and can be moved depending on the occasion. The terrace is juxtaposed to a whimsical and lively perennial and topiary garden. An original rustic reflecting fountain was rebuilt. A substantial trellis along the back of the house is covered with wisteria vine that provides shaded seating areas. On-going enhancements have continued since the project was originally completed.

Designer: Richard Burck Associates, Inc.

Dedham Cottage Residence
Manchester Residence