Wellesley Residence

A contemporary expression, the design for this site included large areas of regrading around an existing Beech tree that became the focal point of the landscape.

This project included close coordination with the home owner and landscape architect to refine details and materials—especially the swimming pool that is bordered by a wood terrace, and a precise detail that allowed the water to remain level with the surrounding coping. The property is adjacent to an expansive woodland with a 500-foot boardwalk designed to meander through trees to another entrance. The custom-designed boardwalk is built on precast concrete and steel foundations to minimize impact to the site and tree root systems. Extensive regrading of large areas of the hilly 4-acre site required several precisely cut fieldstone retaining walls and embankments to create level expanses of ground. Protection and care of large specimen trees continued throughout several years of construction. To maintain the pristine character of the landscape, all pool utilities were put into a custom-designed underground vault. The entry court in the front of the house is made of salvaged granite that was recut into long, rectangular pieces. On-going maintenance insures the continued quality of the site and plantings. 

Designer: Reed Hilderbrand LLC Landscape Architecture

Manchester Residence
Weston Residence