Cambridge Residence

This garden can be described as having a Spanish influence that utilizes water as the key element to unite a variety of garden spaces.

Four separate water systems create the fountains, pools, and spa. The journey of water begins at a raised circular fountain under a timber pergola. A granite runnel directs the water to a lily and koi pool. Water then cascades down the runnel which is flanked by symmetrical granite steps, to a granite scupper dropping the water into a stone grotto that serves as the outdoor spa. The terraced site, sound of water, and the mature perimeter planting, create privacy and seclusion from the city. Custom-blended soils were used for planting ornamental trees, shrubs, perennials, and annuals in the richly varied garden areas. Precisely fabricated granite was used for the paving, fountains, steps, runnel, and wall coping stones.

Designer: Morgan Wheelock Incorporated Landscape Architects 

South Woodstock Farm
Lexington Residence