Cambridge Shared Residences

This tucked-away site in the middle of Cambridge is an example of efficient and effective planning that accommodates shared driveways and parking areas juxtaposed to intimate gardens complete with the sound of water.

The contemporary architecture of the buildings is complemented with a palette of landscape materials such as gravel drives and courts. Salvaged granite stones are used for terrace paving, seating, paths, and steps, simplifying and unifying the site. The granite fountain base has a custom-designed stainless steel water channel. A red cedar fence features a gate with a natural pattern—based on a special piece of art from the owner’s collection—that is laser cut into the aluminum. The gate components are constructed with marine grade hardware and aluminium to withstand the elements and last for decades. The roof-top planters and cable vine trellises complete the vocabluary of materials.

Designer: Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

Brookline Farm Residence
Dedham Cottage Residence