Weston Residence

A sunny and secluded property, this project was phased to allow for several years of woodland management and clearing.

The woodlands were enhanced by planting flowering native trees and several large plant masses. The back of the site was regraded to create landforms and berms along the property perimeter to enhance the existing topography and, in some areas, to create a more private setting. The grading was also designed to create a wet meadow and planted swales. New paths provide access across the property with large stepping stones to bridge portions of the wet meadow and swales. A fieldstone fire pit with boulder seating is set into the wood- land edge and provides a beautiful space adjacent to the meadow for entertaining small groups. Large-scale plantings of evergreens, trees, shrubs, and perennials enhance long views while creating more privacy for the park-like setting.

Low stone walls in the front of the property frame the parking court and diminish the visibility of the asphalt drive as it crosses in front of the house. Expansive bluestone walkways at entrances are designed to be in scale with the house and larger landscape. A new terrace enclosed by stone walls and lattice fencing was created just outside the kitchen for a formal vegetable, herb, and cutting garden.

Designer: Craig Halvorson

Wellesley Residence
South Woodstock Farm